Sunday, May 29, 2011

CSUF Business Commencement Class of 2011

My buddy Roshan Patel speaking at our commencement. Worth checking out!

Another chapter of my life completed and I am done with college (for now..)! Last Sunday on May 22, 2011 I walked for my Bachelor's degree in Marketing. I decided to attend both the school and college commencement. Not a great idea after going to Yelle and eating Roscoe's the night before. It was a long 4 hours but it was great to be with friends for one last time before everyone separated.
Team Waf-Fold at the beginning of the semester
Team Waf-Fold's final presentation

Professor Granitz, my Internet Marketing prof
Some Marketing colleagues
Cousins & Bro
Couple more C/o 2011
Homies I met along the way starting from Kindergarten
Team Chunk-n-Chip!

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